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+Make a Wish+ by MeganAllen

This is an absolutely beautiful piece that I fell in love with even before I opened the thumbnail up to the main deviation page. I love photographs of the auroras. This photograph feels so special to me, and I believe that's because of how well you have composed the image.

First of all, the part of the composition that had the most impact on me is how calm everything feels and looks. Seeing an aurora is a very euphoric moment. Having a certain calmness makes it even more blissful and lovely. I feel like you have perfected this photograph by having that calmness.

The second thing that really made this wonderful me would be the colours. Blue and green compliment each other so well, and having the different shades throughout the picture is perfect. Everything compliments each other yet still stands out from each other, such as the ocean and sky.

I love the reflection of the green of the aurora that can be seen in the ocean. It's incredible to have that small glow in the ocean that is still very distinctive from the blues.

I believe you've composed such an incredible, beautiful photograph. It shows your skill and knowledge so well, and has such a massive impact on the viewer. This is a photograph that I doubt I'll forget seeing.
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